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Originally Posted by twowheeladdict View Post
How many miles did you put on the bikes you broke in using the motoman method?
Varies... I have 11,000 on the Versys right now. Two bikes ago, I put 38,000 on an FZ. Last bike (V-Strom) had about 22,000 before it was ended by a texter.
*Never* had an engine issue on any of them. In fact, the power curve seemed to continue to smooth out over the 1st 5,000 miles on all of them.

I will say I'm religious about oil changes, and I use full synth (Mobil 1) -- never go over 5,000 miles w/o a change (along w/ the filter).
I change out after break in, w/ dino oil, then then change again at 1,000 miles w/ synth, and normal changes after that.

Ride safe...

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