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Originally Posted by BKP View Post
RideApart missed the 3rd option: Motoman's break in.. Break In Secrets--How To Break In New Motorcycle and Car Engines For More Power

This is a controversial break-in, but I've used it on my last four bikes, with *very* good short and long term results (plus, if your ride from the dealer is > 40 miles, you're done w/ the break in by the time you get home). If you put your bike on a dyno right after buying it, that'll basically break it in using this method as well. Read the entire article...
For those that say "stick to manufacturer's procedure," that's basically CYA for them. Want proof, take a look at their "recommended shift points." That's also CYA... but NO ONE uses those shift points.

As for the seat, I've used Sargents on my last few bikes. Gets rid of ball slam, they're great for long rides, and it's just a well made seat.

Btw, great color... If that was available when I bought my 2015, I'd be riding a Titanium bike...
How many miles did you put on the bikes you broke in using the motoman method?
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