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Originally Posted by twowheeladdict View Post
If you make the exhaust louder doesn't that make it harder to hear the engine?
I can hear what the engine is doing by carefully listening to sound that exits the exhaust outlet. I can hear the result of the engine loading or unloading and responding to the throttle plates opening or closing, and responding to the actual load that it is placed under. For example - opening the throttle while exiting an uphill curve, etc. By listening to the subtle changes going on in the exhaust note, it allows me to better picture what the engine is doing and how it is dealing with the demands that I am putting on it.

It is for "entertainment value" for me, more than anything else. It's just fun. The engine sounds remind me of the sounds that I heard when I use to attend local oval car races back in the '70's. It difficult to explain, but for me, the sounds somehow turn into mechanical pictures in my head. No, really.

At the same time, my ear plugs are filtering out the higher frequency sounds, such as the valve train, counter-ballancer, drive chain, etc.

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