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Originally Posted by twowheels View Post
As I have mentioned on here before, not happy with my cheap and cheerful Continental Conti Motions. Slippery in cold and wet and without great feel, but they do last a long time. It won't be soon enough when they reach the wear bars and I can slap on a set of Metzeler Roadtec 01's.
For the money, Motions are hard to beat. My rear lasted ~5k miles. Can't remember having any cornering grip issues though I did spin them off the line now and again even with TC.
I'm on my second rear 01 on the Versys. I got ~6k miles out of the first one. Going on 10k on the front. They even kept me in one piece after an all day off road excursion last year. I have the Angel GTs on my other bike and they're great tires too.
I was getting super deals on the 01s, but apparently they've started selling as prices have jumped dramatically. OTOH, the Angels prices are coming down and they will be going on the Versys next.

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