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Originally Posted by james75 View Post
I've heard great things about the Michelin Pilot Road 4 on many forums. I'm most likely going with them when my stock Dunlop's wear out.
I 've run PR2's and PR3's in the past and been happy with them, particularly the PR3's. The front does tend to scallop though with the Michelin's near the end of their life, last 25%. The impression I have from reading reviews/comparisons over the years, is that when the PR3's and 4's came out a few years back they were a bit of a break through and became a benchmark in the sport tour category, particularly in the wet and wrt tire life. That said, it looks like they have recently been surpassed by competitors like the Mezeler Roadtec 01 and Pirelli Angel GT. I've noticed a big difference between tires, in tire wear and feel in turns, although how much of difference there is between upper end tires like the Michelin PR4's, Metzeler Roadtec 01's, Angel GT's, etc. is anyone's guess. There is also the issue that when you put on new tires they will have the correct profile (roundness) and will almost always feel better than the flat spotted and worn down tires that were removed. I've found dual compound tires, that is tires with softer rubber on the sides and harder rubber in the center section, tend to wear more evenly and provide better grip in the corners. The question I have, is it worth spending the ~$70 extra to get a set of premium priced tires over a set of mid priced Bridgestone T30 EVO's or Dunlop Roadsmart 3's? Hoping people will post reviews.

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