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Good Dealer

So to keep it short, I do all my own work and usually buy any special tools or adapters, that way I limit the down time and usually the cost of all my special tools and adapters would be paid for my the second service, when I look at labour costs. However, because I got a awesome deal, I thought it only appropriate to get the first service done by the dealer, what may be hard to believe is it was $135 Canadian parts and labour, so I have also compared prices for special tools with other members in Ontario and their dealers, I have been told by several now that my dealer is giving me about a 10 to 15% discount. They rarely advertise and have both Yamaha and Kawasaki, it is a family operation, and they do extremely well.
So check with your dealer and ask how much for the first service, it should be under $150 USD total.
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