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Identical Coverage / Different Country

Originally Posted by bobsad View Post
i bought my 16-650 a month ago. i'm old and have a perfect driving record and, most importantly, a high credit rating. i have collision and comp, with liability and roadside assistance, along with accessory coverage to 3g"s. my deducts are $500 each. if i have no claims, they will disappear.
my premium is $181 per year, paid in advance, lump sum. took some negotiating. progressive.
When I had my 07, I paid $900 a year, a identical bike with identical everything, in a smaller city South ( 100 KM) of me $450, the difference was the area I lived in, had a Harley dealer and every other make of bike sold in what is referred to as the Twin Cities, so a much higher crash rate and stolen bikes, etc.
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