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A bit of learning curve

Originally Posted by HankHill View Post
onewizard, unfortunately im having trouble figuring out how to respond to your PM for the test.
And some things and how they work makes no sense to me and I joined in 2008.

So first click the red private message, it will open, click on the message, right hand corner when it opens is a black "Forward Message" beside that is "Quote" ( which really is reply)click quote and enter in anything 10/4 , received loud and clear, below that is a green "submit message" ( send )

If at any time you get a warning you don't have permission, I need you to post that.
Now the best part, to get out of that, click the red private message again and unless you have more messages it will erase the message count of 1 unread message, click active topics and your back

And if it gets too frustrating just forget it, no worries, and thank you for trying.

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