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Engine stands

Originally Posted by bobsad View Post
onewizzard, i believe i saw an old picture of you arrangement. i could use the same system on mine, with the engine stands under the foot pegs. you mensioned using a trolley jack; where was it placed to raise the bike so you could place the engine stands?
Not my picture, I have the Speedy foot peg lowering blocks, folded up they extend out an additional 1 1/4 which allows using a trolley jack on one side.The photo I think you saw is this one , and he just lifts the bike from one sidehttp://www.kawasakiversys.com/forums/1298194-post5.html lifting is done putting the engine stand under the brake side first then lifting and sliding under the side stand side.

For stability you can't beat this homemade version http://www.kawasakiversys.com/forums/1298538-post2.html

Next time I am working on the bike I will post my bumper jack lift, I made it to be able to lift the whole bike while either on the floor or while on my bike lift.

One word of caution, the engine/ vehicle stands could easily cost you the price of the most expensive lift out there if the bike slips off. When working on the bike, and this applies to any lift, make sure you break loose any major fasteners, such as the axle nut, before you lift the bike,and that applies to final torque also, recently someone learned the hard way, bike crashed to the ground and injured the person in the process.

Also be aware, using the triple tree lift involves using it combined with the rear lift.

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