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Originally Posted by onewizard View Post
The stand that was just posted by quexpress is similar to what I use on the rear. Let me say in all the years I have owned motorcyles, 40 plus, the lifting of the front was less than 10 times in 40 years. The only reason I would have is for repairing a flat, removing the front wheel for a tire change, is the only one that won't work with my prop stand, that is where a triple tree stand comes into play, I don't own one. Others have used the side stand and foot pegs, using engine stands, in fact somewhere on this forum, my 07 bike was on the lift with engine stands under the foot pegs , as I was working on the front wheel. To get the bike up on the engine stands was done with a small trolley jack.Also used engine stands on rear bobins. Photo is 07
onewizzard, i believe i saw an old picture of you arrangement. i could use the same system on mine, with the engine stands under the foot pegs. you mensioned using a trolley jack; where was it placed to raise the bike so you could place the engine stands?
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