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This has been mentioned many times, right now Princess auto has a hydraulic lift rated at 800 LBs on sale for around $375 for those that are doing all their own work and find it difficult to bend the knees or in my case have trifocals and prefer looking straight forward. My spool lift cost $75 Canadian, many on this forum have the same harbor freight stand, my prop stand cost nothing, however it might cost $5 to buy the tubing. My prop stand will work on both the front or the rear, that is if I get a flat on the front, I can get the wheel in the air, get my tire plugger out and fix it. The cost of the after market center stand is equal to a motorcycle lift in price, secondly, it will only work on a level surface, last, if you get a flat, you better be capable of lifting 200 LBs.

As the pictures show, using a jack under the muffler, I would never consider that as I have at least two other ways, both real cheap, and using my cable hoist. The muffler wasn't designed to lift the bike, you are going through a welded pipe and the exhaust manifold, one very expensive way to lift the bike, again this is my opinion,, just because Eddie does it or I disagree shouldn't have a bearing on what you do.

I also made a motorcycle lift using a old bumper jack and a bed frame, welded a 3/4 rigid pipe to where the bumper attachment was, I can pick up my whole bike using the tubing running through the frame just below the seat, if I was ambitious I would put wheels on the support frame, cost =$0.00, and some welding rod I had, comes apart into two pieces.
There is a similar set up in the How To Forum prop stands and other. One day I will post my stand.

My first version 2007 http://www.kawasakiversys.com/forums/677449-post12.html

My 2015 version using the same stainless 1/2 inch by 3.5 inches bolt http://www.kawasakiversys.com/forums...30-post15.html One thing to understand, the slot is for a 120 LB wire ty to act as a lock in place, just slides through, imagine the prop stand in place at a 8 o'clock or 4 o'clock position on the front wheel axle. You have the steering turned full right before attaching, go to the handle bars, side stand is obviously already down, grab both handle bars and pull back, shifting some weight onto the kick stand, about 30 to 40 lbs pulling force with a flat tire, gravity has the prop stand go vertical, the wire ty stops it from falling off the bolt, release/ stop pulling, wheel is in the air, recommend using a bungee from right grip to frame to increase stability. Unfortunately steering lock is full left.

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