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Seat Concepts/ DIY

I am going to comment on this as I tried out the standard foam seat on a 07, felt it was comfy, no consideration about height was given, if you are height challenged only one way to fix that if you already set your sag front and rear, you need to lower it.
I debated getting this, however with the exchange of our dollar and the extra shipping costs I decided to try my hand at moding it myself, as we have what is called the Foam Store in the city I live in.What I found was purely accidental in moding the seat, I used a small level on the seat, once the fabric was off, it became obvious why so much discomfort, raising the seat cannot correct for the right to left hill located at the front.So to be perfectly blunt, no seat kit is going to give you a lower to the ground than the original seat pan. I did a follow up to my seat mod also my original post with pictures. So if you are comfortable in paying $200 plus for a new covering, go for it. If you plan on doing the seat concepts yourself, my advice is to look in the How To thread, FYI, you are going to need a air stapler and compressed air. My Arrow stapler was on sale for $25, purchased primarily for doing my attic insulation venting install. That Arrow stapler will fire 1/2 staples flush into hardwood, FYI you will need to buy about 110 of the 1/4 stainless staples. If I count the 1000 staples I purchased and the foam, it came to $30, the spray adhesive was a additional $9, of which I used about 1/10 of the can, or about $1 worth.


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