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Originally Posted by dbardell View Post
I did spring for the low seat kit from Seat Concepts. If your only aim is to get a lower seat height, it does that, but for me it is not much different in the seating position than the stock. Ass is closer to the ground, but the forward slope still seems to be there. It does put the knees in a more painful position for me after about a 100 mile ride, and because the foam is a bit thinner, I don't think it is going to be that comfortable on an all day ride.

I am going to try raising the front of the seat as mentioned with longer bolts and spacers to see if that helps. Thinking I may just go back to the stock if that doesn't help and maybe reshape the foam on the stock a bit.

I added two layers of carpet pad foam to the front 6-8" of the seat (about 1" sculpted to blend with the seat) and then raised the nose by about 3/4". That in addition to removing about 1 1/2" of foam from the butt area and inserting a 3/4" gel pad makes a pretty comfy seat. I also made some custom highway pegs and the bike is pretty comfy on a 200 mile ride. Haven't done any rides longer just yet.
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