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Originally Posted by Cali Bob View Post
Reviving an old thread here I realize, but wanted to chime in that this is the biggest (and weirdest) change for me coming from a Road King. On my way to / from work on the freeway it's the strangest feeling being at such a high RPM's for so long. Just doesn't feel right (yet). Glad to know people go 80+ mph all day long with no issues. I know I'm supposed to keep my RPM's low during the break-in period, but this thing is too fun to play by the rules all the time. 😎
You are correct about the RPM for the first 10 miles, after that , try and stay below the rev limiter. Many have done the Motoman break in. What I can tell you , the dealership I am using now is excellent and very Knowledgeable, I talked to the head mechanic which informed me that the motor comes from the factory and you could use Mobil 1 15/50 from the very start, basically it comes already broke in. Many have changed the oil themselves after the first 100 miles, my dealer did the first service at 1000KM and it cost me something like $140 ( Canadian)total. I have been running 15 / 50 mobile 1 since 2500 KM, I am at 11,000 KM now.

As to RPM, usually in the 5500 to 7000 RPM, I hit the rev limiter at least once every ride. FYI most of my rides are over 300KM , usually run into farmers that are use to driving their tractor, but occasionally get into the Pickup, still think they are driving the tractor, so passing them they get to hear the beautiful sound of a precision engine revved out, usually takes only 1 gear change, and I am 60 KM/HR faster than before

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