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I know what you guys mean by being tense. The more I think about it It may also be the lack of movement. I used to live in ontario and when I lived there most would consider a 100 mile day a good day of riding. Mainly because all the speed limits are lower, far less long constant speed stretches, a lot more stops, red lights, etc. In northern alberta I can literally start my bike in the drive way, hit 2 red lights, then I hold the bike at 120 Kph non stop for almost 4 hours straight as I am literally in the middle of nowhere with just a straight nearly turnless highway that seems never ending to get to Edmonton. Where in ontario my body position would reset many many times during a ride as i had to stop, feet down, hands off the bars, etc, then carry on.

****** I would REALLy like input on a literal difference on a seat. What would you guys vote for? The Seat concepts standard height VS Sargent world sport seat??

P.S.: I alo LOVE how i can just stand on the pegs and not slow down at ALL for speed bumps haha.

2015 Versys 650LT
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