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You're probably tense from trying to avoid bugs the size of birds on Alberta highways!

Perhaps have someone take your side shot sitting on the bike and map your ergos (bum, hands, shoulders, knees, feet), make your changes, reshoot the pic and measure what works and what doesn't. In my case, I ended up looking for a neutral shape and had the help of my yoga instructor wife; arms not outstretched, back not arched (slouched), and hips not rotated forward/up (slouch style, which pressures the tailbone). Might be interesting to shoot the pic at the end of a long ride too as you'll be favoring the sore spots and riding in a position closest to 'relief'. Some of the custom seat builders want this pic before they'll build your seat, all about the posture and ergos - trial and error for most of us, but once you dial it in....

And the stock V seat riser mod changes the ergos a lot.

good luck!!

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