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Thanks A LOT for your replies. After reading your insight I have decided to Keep the V as I love the way it looks and the lightning fast handling. I won't lie, i also do enjoy how it sips fuel :-).

I will keep the rox risers for now, might try the motowerk 1.5" just to see if I need to go just a little lower.

I am looking into a seat as we speak. Having a hard time choosing between the sargent world sport seat or a seat concepts. I used to have a seat concepts on my DRZ400 and it was awesome, however I am trying to avoid making the bike any taller. Not that i can't deal with taller, i just try not to. My Pure MX days with a 30 foot seat hight days are over. I did notice that the seating position on the DRZ400 caused me pretty much no pain anywhere, mind you that was years ago when i was made of rubber.

I am also going to look into another rear spring as mully123 stated. Do you guys know what the stock spring rate is for the 2k15 V 650? If so, what rate would you suggest for 160Lbs?

Once again, Thanks so much for the input!

2015 Versys 650LT
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