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If we assume true adventure bikes, take for example the new Honda Africa Twin, are suited primarily for distance dirt road riding, with distance stints on pavement, and not more technical trail riding (bogs, large rocks, tree roots, etc.) which requires a much lighter and more agile bike or 4 wheeler, there are simply not that many places for most of us to ride in these conditions unless we live near an area of very low population with a vast network of dirt roads.

A recent review of the Africa Twin described it as the best handling of the current crop of adventure bikes off road, but also the worst handling of the group on road. Essentially it is a trade off IMO, what makes a bike good off road, is often counter productive when riding on road and vs versa. A 15km foray down dirt roads on my Versys with street tires is certainly doable, but not that much fun, considering the slipperiness of the tires on gravel and dirt, and the harshness of the stiff suspension with default damping and preload settings.

It is for these reasons I assume there is only a limited market for an adventure bike model that trades off its on pavement performance for improved off road performance.

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