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30 inch inseam

I have had numerous back injuries over the years, as a electrician there is always a strain, working off ladders, bending conduit, just pushing the body beyond the limits, and some might chime in and say, lift with your legs, we all practiced that, enough of that. So I have a 30 inch inseam, I have Speedy Highway peg mounts and Revco pegs, I also have speedy lowering for my main pegs and also for the passenger. I just recently modified my seat. This year on the 2015, my longest ride was just under 1000 KM or 600 miles, that was a long day. What I do is use my highway pegs 90% of my ride, my arms and legs are stretched out, my legs are pushing my butt into the passenger seat, and this year I am looking forward to a even better seating position now that I modified my seat.
Try sitting at a table and hold your arms out as if riding the bike, for me less than 30 seconds, I can feel it in my neck and between the shoulder blades, yet on the bike I am fine, I also leaned the bars slightly back, however you are limited, because many of the parts on the bars have locating pins.I forgot to mention I am 5'7", and many question why I lowered the bike and the pegs, well I have no idea how a guy 6'3" can be comfortable with stock pegs.
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