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Should I let the V go?

So I have had the 2015 Verses 650 LT for 1 Full riding season and am debating letting it go.... sadly.... I really like the bike, LOVE the handling, power is enough, but there is just one thing.... On long rides ( 200+ Miles ) I get a real sharp pain between the shoulder blades and by the time I get home I can't ride for a few days. I had a CBR600 F4I before the versys that i NEVER experienced this pain with. The reason I went to the V is comfort as riding the CBR was too far leaned forward and my wrists would get tired.

I have been eyeing up a 2017 Kawasaki Ninja 1000. It is a little leaned forward but a lot less than the CBR. I am hoping that I won't get that sharp pain between my shoulder blades. If it wasn't for that I would keep the V for sure. Unless anyone here has some suggestions.

I have the stock seat which I don't mind too much as I am 160Lbs, 5'9" and 30" inseam.

I also have tried using 2" ROX Risers on my V which helped a little and extended my riding time by about 100 miles. If the bars were closer to me than I don't think this would be a problem. The CBR had a lot lower bars which was hard on the wrists but my shoulder blades were fine however the bars were a lot closer to me so the reach I think is what is killing my shoulder blades.

ANY info would be great... also, if anyone has spent any time on the Ninja 1000 please let me know what you think. I like long rides haha and ride a lot. I put about 6000 Miles on my V in 7 months.

2015 Versys 650LT
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