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Is This The Same Thread/ Yup

Well when I logged in today, I had to scroll all the way to the top, just to make sure I was in the same thread. Anyone that has a like from me on this thread is basically repeating in some form what I would have said. Both posts from the OP , remain vague to me, something that hasn't been discussed since we seem to be into what is right for the 21st century. If you didn't follow practices for composing a resume , that would cover what we are discussing here, in the 50's to 90's, common questions were hobbies ( skydiving and base jumping were red flags), religion, married or single,basically questions that were non of their business, and not found today on a resume, now days if you make face to face interview ( which could be Skype or Facetime ), some of those questions come up, especially where extensive training at the expense of the employer , expect to get asked if you are married and have children, married with children means you aren't probably going to pull up stakes in a minutes notice to start panning for gold in the Yukon.

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