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I am not sure if I missed the news or logged in at a bad time / in response to a previous post?
So reading between the lines, the comment resembles my thought on twitter ( which I have never been on ) , and Facebook, which I have had for about 6 years. My total 'friends " are 7, nothing is public,and that is how I leave it. As to sharing personal information, we are doing it right now, anyone can read this. Your personal health problems, marriage or not, religious beliefs, what you ate for breakfast, whether beef is good for you and if you should stop eating eggs because of the cholesterol , well some of that may have a slight interest if you are trying to explain why it is taking so long to post, as to a motorcycle forum, many places you need to have a captcha log in to prove you are human, so throwing in you had 3 eggs for breakfast should reassure you you are communicating with a human, if you added you had two beers while adjusting your chain, chances are good you are a male, adding you had to have a nap after adjusting the chain may indicate you are over 50, and if you said you were spending 3 hours polishing your chrome chances are good you are on the wrong forum, and own a US made Chrome 2 wheel wonder. Personal information should in my opinion be kept to PM , as to whether you have a 30 inch inseam or a 34 inch inseam, does have a bearing, if you are considering lowering. So am I close? The suspense is killing me, oh well , need to get the vacuum sync done tomorrow

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