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Steve in Sunny Fl
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When did this become appropriate?

Let me start by saying that I'm in my late 50's.

i have seen a growing trend of folks on a forum of a particular interest, such as a motorcycle forum, think that it is appropriate to pronounce something private about their lives as if the rest of us really care. these generally come with a "thumb in the eye" statement to those who may not agree with them. I come to motorcycle forums to talk about motorcycles, not to find out about your physical issue that I can't see, read your pronouncements of the superiority of your birthright, or read anything about your sexuality and lifestyle. It's not my business, and doesn't have any bearing on the subject matter that has brought us all to a common place. It is as misplaced as making the same statement at a family dinner, just to upset the adults and prove the lack of maturity of the person making the statement.


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