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Mixing bias ply with radial - on a bike you can put a radial on the rear and bias on the front, but not the other way around, due to differences in skew - Mixing Radials and Bias-Ply

Avon Trailriders have been getting good reviews recently as an adventure tour tire and come in stock sizes for the Versys. They also are a radial design for improved pavement performance and longer life.

Coming to the Versys from a bike that had bias ply tires, I am not a fan of them. Yes they have tougher sidewalls but they are less confidence inspiring. They are also less flexible and are a nightmare on grooved pavement or steel mesh bridges. Radials are a significant leap forward in tire technology, I'm not sure why someone would want to forgo the benifits of radial tires unless they were in a position where on road performance was irrelevant and off road toughness was the main concern.

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