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Originally Posted by RobbSchultz1971 View Post
Does it matter if you run a radial in the front and a bias ply in the rear?
Mixing bias and radial tires has been done ... more often than one would imagine.

For example, in the UK, it is legal to run bias in the front, and radial at the rear. The opposite (what you have mentioned) is illegal.

From Cycle World:

Years ago, back when radial motorcycle tires first hit the market, tire makers strongly advised riders not to mix radial and bias tires. Radials were new and offered significantly different handling characteristics than bias rubber, and neither the bike manufacturers nor the tire companies yet had enough model- and tire-specific data to predict how a combination of the two would affect the handling of any given motorcycle. So the best policy was to discourage mixng radials and bias tires.

Since then, radial technology has evolved dramatically, and the manufacturers have had years to develop a better understanding of the effects of mixing tire types. As a result, numerous production bikes, including two new models tested in this issue - the Harley-Davidson Rocker and the Yamaha Star Raider S - come from the factory equipped with a radial on the rear and a bias-ply tire on the front.

The Indian Chieftan and the Roadmaster run a E3 bias front tire and an E3 radial rear tire.

I have read somewhere that the OEM tires for the Triumph Bonneville and also the Thruxton are radial rear and bias ply front.

There are others but I'm not going to do an exhaustive search for them.

Note: I am not tempted to try it with my Versys but have done it a few times on my Honda Valkyrie without any negative effects. I was pleasantly surprised.

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