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Originally Posted by RobbSchultz1971 View Post
Heidenau K60 Scout? Just how bad is it in the rain? Does anyone have any thoughts? Everything the article said sounds great, except for it becoming a water ski in the rain.
Is it bad in the rain? Kinda. It's definitely the slickest rear I've ever had in the rain. I wouldn't call it dangerous but you really aren't gonna be scraping pegs in the rain with that tire.

That said I still freaking love the k60 as a rear. My current setup is a 120/90 17 (rear) tkc80 up front and 150/70 17 k60 in the back. At the moment they both have about 10,500 miles on them and easily have another 3,000 to go and still have great road manners. My setup before this was the same but with a 120/70 front. The 120/90 definitely slows down the steering but it is a lot more stable in the loose stuff. You do have to raise the fender though.

My 2 cents.
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