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Originally Posted by captpfd View Post
Took the bike on it's maden voyage about 90 miles yesterday and I'm very pleased. Don't miss not having the gear indicator, love the LT bags, very peppy for a 650 but I only weight 170lb. Mods so far: removed some stickers, cut about 6inches off the tail license plate area, turned horn 90degrees inward,ordered 2017 red rim tape for the 1000 versys to put on the 650, still need to get lowering kit installed and kickstand shortened this weekend. Who knows after that but just lots of riding this beauty. BTW, it did have a buzz in the instrument cluster, called the original owner who advised me that it was common and he had not addressed the problem yet. I read the threads and just added a small thin piece of rubber and tucked in at the top and as of now it is not buzzing. Time will tell but not a big deal really cant hear it when helmet is on anyway. Pics to come.
Nearest auto supply store, I bought windshield wiper washer jet hose, the smallest made, ran that around the instrument cluster, end of problem, cost about $3.

http://www.kawasakiversys.com/forums...6-post114.html c/w picture of 07

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