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Word of Warning

Word of warning!

Whatever you do, when tightening the mounting bolts, DO NOT use the given torque spec in the SW Motech crash bar instructions, or even the torque spec listed for those bolts in the service manual (about the same as in the Motech instructions).

I've always been a stickler for using a torque wrench for fasteners on my bikes. I did the same this time when attempting to mount the crash bars. The stated torque is 23 NM which is what I set the wrench to, but I wound up striping the threads on the nut tacked to the frame! For the last 15 or 20 years I've used torque wrenches and have never had a problem. I just about crapped when this happened and was sick to my stomach.

"What did I do wrong?", I asked myself over and over. My metric torque wrench is a good quality one, a CDI (subsidiary of Snap-on) and just a few days prior had used it to put on an oil filter,... no problems.

Just on the off chance that the settings on my torque wrench had gone out of whack suddenly, I took it to be calibrated yesterday. Not knowing what had happened, I thought I'd cover that base so that I could trust it after what happened. I pick it up in 2 weeks.

Today, in order to get back on the road, I took the Versys to a highly competent, trusted independent motorcycle mechanic to have heli-coils put in. When I told him what had happened, he said that I was far from being the only person this had happened to. He stated that he did not know why some companies state such high torque values for those nuts that are tack welded to the frame. He's had enough experience with them that he errs on the side of caution by being VERY careful with how much he tightens bolts that screw in to those tack welded nuts.

What a cluster! The good news is that he got it fixed and it is ready to be picked up. If I was a drinking man, I'd be getting hammered right now in celebration of getting it fixed.

2016 Versys 650 LT, Orange

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