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Originally Posted by fasteddiecopeman View Post
IF I read your post correctly - you used zip-ties to REMOVE your tire? I've only used them to install tires, so far.
Yes, you are correct - I used zip ties to remove the tires and install them. It is almost the same process except that when you are removing the tire, you have to slide the zip tie between the bead and the rim. It helps if you have the tire vertical and resting on the tire (after you have completely broken the bead of course). You can slide the zip tie through from the top, rotate the tire slightly and install the next zip tie. Tighten the zip ties until the beads touch in the center all the way around the tire.

To remove the tire, first lubricate the bead and the inside surface of the rim on the same side. It does not matter which side you choose to remove. Holding the tire vertical on the ground, push the rim downward as far as it will go to put the bead into the valley of the rim. Grab one of the spokes at the top of the rim, and push the top of the tire while pulling the rim in the opposite direction until the tire comes off of the rim. You can do this without tools.

The rear tire is more difficult than the front because it is harder to slide the zip ties between the bead and the rim. The rear tire is also stiffer.

All of this would be much easier to show in a video. Maybe the next time I change tires, I will do a video on removing the tires.
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