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Originally Posted by twowheeladdict View Post
Many of your statements are curious to me. Canada is definitely very different than the US if everything you wrote is accurate.

In the US 40 bikes on the floor is a small dealership.

In the US a very nice BMW GS or Ducati Multistrada will run you over $20,000. That is up in the touring line of Harley.

MSRP on a long sleeve T-shirt at the local HD dealership ranges from $30 - $50, and I buy them for $10 online all the time.

When you compare the price of OEM accessories from all the Manufacturers, Harley is no more costly than the rest, and in many cases I have found them to be less expensive because of online dealers willing to sell at a discount.

Polaris makes most of its profits with its off road vehicles. Indian is growing as well as the Slingshot. They are building a Slingshot manufacturing plant near me now.
A switchback, which I think is part of the Dyna lineup, is $22K CDN on the showroom floor before taxes and dealer charges. On the other hand a BMW 1200 GS, at least the base model, has I think an MSRP of 21K CDN. The HD dealership has large touring bikes on the showroom floor with prices tags on them on them above $40K CDN. That's the price of a really nice luxury car.

I was given a $100 HD gift certificate a year back. I blew it on an albeit well made with embroidery instead of silk screening, long sleeve T shirt, that came to $100 with our 13% sales tax at the dealership. Walmart used to and perhaps still do sell HD T shirts for $12.

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