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Center Stand/ Prop Stand/Level Ground

I don't wish to side track this thread, however I too looked at installing a center stand, too many if's, the price was high, and I came up with a simple and cheap solution.http://www.kawasakiversys.com/forums...30-post15.html
I posted all this in the How To under prop stands c/w measurements,http://www.kawasakiversys.com/forums...22-post19.html
So you don't have a top case or side case to store it in, cut it in half, get a smaller square tubing to fit inside, 3 inches long, drill and tap 2 holes and use two 10/24 screws to hold 1 1/2 " of the tubing in the lower half, it is now 8.5" long at the longest of the two pieces.

As to the original thread, it became quite the controversy, and someone got the boot in the process.

So back on track here, if someone wishes to take the steps to document How To, c/w pictures, you will get the privilege of a getting a shiny star in the How To Forum
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