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Indians have done very well in magazine comparison testing so they seem to have a good product but....

Can't say I'm very impressed with Polaris's marketing efforts, at least in Canada. I live in a city of almost 1 million yet the only Victory dealer sells everything from Urals, to Yamaha to Moto Guzzi. Over the last few years they seem to display only 1 Victory motorcycle on their large showroom floor out of ~40 bikes. There are no Indian dealerships at all. This in a city that has two MV Agusta dealers. Even buying a Polaris snowmobile or ATV requires leaving the city and traveling to a small rural nearby town where the same guy will also sell you a boat or chainsaw. They definitely need to expand their dealer network here. Harley has problems too though, you can buy yourself a very nice BMW GS or Ducati Multistrada with all the electronic bells and whistles for the price of a mid line HD and the Japanese manufacturers have eclipsed their entry level bikes like the Street or Sportster on both price and performance. Even a long sleeved T shirt at the HD dealership sells for $70-$90.

I read where Victory only accounted for 3% of Polaris's profit. Curious where the rest of the Profit comes from.

I really hope they push harder for Indian to succeed. HD needs some competition.

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