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I was good with touching just on my tiptoes -- after all, the Versys is pretty light compared to the Harleys I've been riding for the past few years and I have been riding since 1982. But now that I laid down my Electra Glide (and do not plan to have it repaired), the Versys is going to be my only bike; and after all my injuries from this accident, I don't want to chance riding it on my tiptoes anymore.

Here's my question: should I have it lowered first or get a lower seat? Frankly, I hate the seat with the heat of a thousand suns, and I'm 99% sure I'll be getting another one. But! Even if I get another seat, I might not like it, and I may have to lower the pegs after that as well. If I lower the whole bike (MotoWerks), maybe I can just have the stock seat sliced up a bit and move the front up.

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