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List Of Farkles

Originally Posted by MorroBay View Post
As of Dec. 8th, 2016 I became the new owner of a 2016 Kawasaki Versys 650LT. .
I’ve got lots of future plans for my new used Versys:
  • Driving Lights
  • Lower Seat (Sargent)
  • Headlight Modulator (Kisan)
  • Louder Horn
  • Sequential LED Tail Light (MotoDynamics)
  • Dual Sport Tires (Shinko 705)
  • Crash Bar

Thanks much. Looking forward to spending more time on this forum. Maybe finding another Versys riding partner in this area.
So your height is the same and also your inseam, weight, well I could lose another 30#.

This is what I have and I will list them in order of preference;
Speedy lowering link and flat foot for the stand and lowering kit for the stand, should also include his foot brake extender
Speedy lowering pegs
Speedy highway peg mounts
Denali split bomb horn, several versions of this under different names
Speedy mirror extenders, just added recently because of slight interference with my tank bag
Tank bag --once you have had one you wonder how you got by without one before
Power outlets
The above list is about 1/3 of what I have, the other 2/3 may or may not appeal to you in your area, such as Oxford heated grips and Barkbuster Storm hand guards
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