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The spectrum from road to dirt to trails goes like this:

1-pile of road bikes, ninjas being the chain link to the versys'.
2-versys likes dirt, also can touch trails but not happy with it or its weight.
3-(empty slot: a.k.a non-obese adv bikes)
4-KLR takes the relay on dirt and trails, but is heavy and not road friendly
5-(emptied slot: a.k.a trail capable non-obese street legal, formerly klx250; see xt250/wr250r. drz400, ktm 350)
6-other pile of offroad bikes

I think if kawa could just make a KLR300 +EFI at 350 pounds or less, and 4 gal tank, that would be a killer for slot 3, or 5 (yeah, the 3-4-5 is blurry)

As for the slot 3, that to me is the future of the versys x.
The versys 300x is a stop gap measure. I expect a lot of weight removal next. Slot 2 is covered, no need for a weak heavy 300.
They need to fight the drz400 badly.

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