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Originally Posted by Joey Rocket Films View Post
Originally Posted by twowheeladdict View Post
I was just messing with him because of his bike build. Some people take life to seriously. Didn't you see the wink at the end?

Some people watch to many movies, and others don't know the mathematical odds associated with certain risks.
Agreed they do. So it's cool if I say you sound like an anti gun nut as long as I put one of these -> at the end
hehe just teasing man. I expect people to get there panties in a bit of a bunch and express their anti gun opinions anytime I mention it so it's cool. I'm used to it. To each is own. I'll never give reasons to a person for deciding not to carry as to why they should but I'll still protect them if I had to. Arizona's wilderness has some pretty mean creatures that roam the night!
No problem. Where I live in the country, we have the luxury of shooting from our back porch.
One of my son's qualified to participate in one of the statewide target competitions for yourh.
People who carry out of fear do scare the crap out of me. One buddy almost got shot by his wife when he came home early from a Road trip and forgot to call her first. Fortunately, in her fear she froze up.

Carry on.
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