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Engine Ground

Originally Posted by kali68 View Post
I found a wiring diagramme, and in there I found 2 grounding points, one under the saddle, and the other seemed to be in the front of the bike, under the fairings. Anybody have info to clear this out?
Donīt want to disassemble fairings unless I need to.
Located at the other end of your negative battery terminal wire. If you look at the wire connected to your starter, then look left just behind the clutch lever, this too can become corroded, but you would have starting problems, still worth checking and cleaning, said before in other threads, use a good dielectric grease here, but use it sparingly . The most important thing is cleaning with scotch brite pads, including the crimp terminal!

No clear cut answer. Assistance please.

See my post #5, describing where.

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