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Originally Posted by kali68 View Post

I connected a CTEK charger quick connector to my battery, so I can charge the battery without having to unplug the battery, but after first charge the instrument panel and tacho went dead.
Tacho stays at zero, there is light on the instrument panel, but no symbols what so ever. Any clues to what causes this and how to fix it?


One of two things, you destroyed your battery or blew a fuse. My money is on your battery.

Going for a ride today so any help will need to come from others here.

Some things to check to get you started:

#1 -All connections that were disconnected, are they back in place and tight?

#2-With the key on what voltage is measured at the battery?
#3-Are the tail lights and city lights on?
#4-Does the fuel pump run for 3 seconds when you key on ?
#5- If no to #3&4,then your battery is probably done.
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