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Rough Drawing

Originally Posted by kali68 View Post

I connected a CTEK charger quick connector to my battery, so I can charge the battery without having to unplug the battery, but after first charge the instrument panel and tacho went dead.
Tacho stays at zero, there is light on the instrument panel, but no symbols what so ever. Any clues to what causes this and how to fix it?


Could you supply a rough drawing. Or describe what / how you connected this charger, also why you did this and what year of Bike. OK it is 2007
The maximum output of the charger.You could take a picture of a hand made paper drawing, showing polarities etc. take a picture of this and upload it to your post.Know where your picture is stored on your computer, such as desktop

I will describe the method I am using until I get a different method of Photo hosting.

Scroll all the way down on your post, you will see Manage Attachments
Click on that***************a new window will open up

Browse**No File Selected--------click on Browse

If it is on your desktop, click that and find the thumbnail, once found click open

Next, and this is the important part, to the right of the "Browse**No File Selected--------click on Browse" there was a box in green marked UPLOAD click on that and wait, you will see at the bottom of the screen the activity, once the file is uploaded it will display the jpeg #, when you are done you can submit your post. To edit later and add smilies , you need to click edit then [B]go advanced[/B

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