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Originally Posted by twowheeladdict View Post
I always rode the Versys where I sat back further on the seat and leaned forward. I prefer a sport touring riding position for long rides. I feel I sit on a better part of my butt/upper thigh, and my back absorbs bumps better.
After visiting my folks last night, I was surprised to see that my dad had bought and installed handle bar risers on the FZ07. I offered to gas up his bike to check it out. Man! What a difference! I felt like I was on a Ducati or something! The seating position is alot more comfortable and that bike just rips! The suspension is a little on the budget side but, IMO, with a more comfortable seat and a taller windscreen(and maybe some side cases)this bike has got to be in the top 3 for dollar to value! I'm jealous😛
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