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I have a 'low gel' seat I acquired used, I believe it's Seat Concepts or could be other brand. I'm 5'10", 165#, 32" inseam. I found the lower seat changes the ergos a lot, the difference in the seat height is about 1.5" and the difference at the 53-year-old knees is uncomfortable. I did only one ride ~50 miles and swapped the OEM back on. Might be willing to trade the seat for a set of DRZ forks for my wanna-be JDRocks rat bike.

With the OEM seat, I can flat-foot both sides with riding boots on and with Rawkstar's seat riser.

The gel seat was slightly better in terms of ass pain, and admittedly I haven't tried it with the riser block yet (which would restore some of the height back).

I have a set of Motowerk peg lowering blocks to install for more improvement - I'm almost enough with 2" Rox risers to comfortably stand on the pegs without hunching over. The lowered pegs should be perfect.

If you wants pics, let me know.
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