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Originally Posted by AlaskaJeff View Post
Does anyone actually think this is a good deal for a coat?
Klim Adventure Rally Jacket - RevZilla
Yeah, yeah you can't put a price on protection. BUT come on, $1700 for a stinking coat! You got to be smoking something pretty darn good, or been drinking the KLIM cool-aid for years to believe that it's worth it.
I almost forgot about the matching pants for a cool $ 1000......... Now that's a bargain compared to the coat, right? Am I not seeing something? WHO would buy these?
Klim Adventure Rally Pants - RevZilla
My local dealer is a distributer and the apparel lady there tells me that Klim are a one time purchase. Should they ever fail, Klim will give you a new one.
The jackets she has are in the $600 range. At that price, if one is young and has aspirations of a long motorcycling career, that may make sense. Me, I wait until fall and pick up jackets for $100. Except for zippers, even those almost always last forever, though aren't always as pretty as a new one. The shoe repairman up the street will replace zippers for $25.
My summer goto Joe Rocket air jacket celebrates it's 17th birthday this year. It cost me $99 at the Honda Hoot back when air jackets were something new. After a bath it still looks new. That one's never even needed a zipper. I ride about 15k miles a year.
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