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Originally Posted by jdrocks View Post
anything for my Canuck friends.

these bikes are not for everyone. they're big bikes, pretty tall, 35-36" at the seat, something like 55" at the bar ends. if ya fall off, it's a long freakin' way down, kinda like fallin' off a twenty hand horse.

Eduardo is not exactly a short man, but he looks kinda short standing next to a V649. he didn't ask to take a little test ride, must not get along with horses. sorry about the undated photo, i think it's fairly recent, but who knows. it's not a real old photo, but the guy next to the bike is real old.

Well here in Canuck land we have them fold up step stools that we could deploy, or strap on a couple 6X6 pressure treated lumber on them riding boots, may get complicated shifting but, would be good as long as ya only needed first gear.

Better watch what I say, got a 1/4 drive torque wrench on the way--plus someone is rubbing in the fact it has hit 25'C in some parts of Canuck land, and for you guys, that is hot!
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