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More Power

Originally Posted by jdrocks View Post
the "cop" motor is better described as the ER6 sportbike motor because Kawasaki uses that motor across various model designations world-wide...ER6F, ER6N, Ninja 650, EX650, and so on.

these motors have more horsepower and torque than the stock Versys motor, including the new spec 2015-16 motor. before anyone emphatically states that the HP/torque curves aren't right for this kind of bike, forget about it...y'all are not about to win that argument here.
At first I thought of asking why you have so much time that this post could be happening----but I see the bike is complete

On a serious note, if you posted a for sale on this forum, you would never have time to ride IMHO---from what I see and what I know about you --that would be something to brag about owning---HOWEVER I would want a autograph and a dated picture
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