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I hear the ZX 10R has pretty good top end...

Ok, I like the fake tank/storage compartment on the Honda and they get like 60 MPG, but most bike riders who actually like to ride will prefer the Versys. Where I live most people who own motorcycles don't actually like to ride so much as become part of the motorcycle experience. Not putting it down. It's as good a reason as any to own a bike. You can wear leather and put a chain on your wallet and be cool, or wear colorful leather and have a mirrored visor and still be cool.

With the Versys you can ride with the crotch rockets and not look too out of place or putter around town with the other putter bikes. If the seat just weren't so high and it made 65kW instead of 65hp. I'd get the Versys, or maybe the ZX 10R
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