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I made up my mind and I will go with the Versys. Here are my reasons.

Although Honda riders says their bike is awesome and full of fun, there is close to the same amount of people that is saying I tried the Honda and its boring. I dint hear anything like that about the Versys.

I heard that both where mentioned to be very practical and fuel efficient.

I find the Versys is more aesthetically pleasing.

I like the storage compartment on the Honda, very practical in town but not so much when you have to fuel your bike on long trips.

I liked the Honda's new speedometer vs the Kawasaki... but in the end they both do what they are suppose to do and I wasn't going to base my purchase on it.

But the ultimate thing that made me choose the Versys before even trying the Honda, is that all the good upgrades that where talked about like the Dual bending forks and led front lights for example is not available in Canada, only in Europe & in the UK. Made me think what else did Honda Canada cheap on the 2016 NC750X. Maybe that is all, but logically, I don't want to buy the motorcycle and find out.

Do I find the Honda to be a bad bike? Not at all, seems like the people who owns it loves it, they do have great features and my opinion is that its unreal how practical it is. Specially for city driving. I have nothing bad to say about the motorcycle. I understand that the NC doesn't sell quite as much over here like it does over seas, but I think it was a mistake from Honda Canada not to include all the upgrades that the 2016 NC750X is suppose to have. Last but not least I think it might hurt them more, specially if the consumer does a bit of research and realises all this.

If all goes according to plans, by mid summers I will be able to join the Versys community

Link for the Canadien version of the NC750x on top of what was confirmed by my local Honda Dealer

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