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[QUOTE=twowheeladdict;1088025]But, onewizard,
Powering the LED'S directly off the headlight is not a great idea, as Holden found out.

I always power my auxiliary lights off the battery with an in line fuse and a relay that is triggered off the auxiliary circuit. That way, you have an independent light circuit in case the headlight fuse, relay, etc., goes. Then you still have light to get home.[/QUOTE]

My apologises , I thought they were like city lights, low power, just looked up, they are listed at 12 watts, and you are 100% correct about a separate circuit, I have said that myself, last thing you need is to have all your lights go out, one option I have posted recently is using the city lights circuit, which is tail and brake light, a separate fuse tapped off that circuit using a 3 amp fuse for the Glenda lights.
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