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Originally Posted by Holden View Post
It turns out that the connector doesn't have its own part number. It's part of the stator. So now I'm on the hunt for this particular piece of plastic. Argh.
I have a simple fix, and Thank You for following my direction, plus you save over $100.

I will give you several option, first the pins in that socket have a latch barb that once you push the crimped connector into the plug it locks it in. There is a removal tool but I have had marginal success using a needle or straight pin, pushing in from the pin side towards the wire. What we are trying to do is remove the pins from the plastic, so we have the longest wire possible. I have also taken diagonal cutters and just cut away at the plastic. I know RM stator in Quebec includes those plugs, so they may have both. Personally I wouldn't bother.
So my fix is get 3 female and 3 male insulated spade terminals , cut the pin off the wire, and connect the female to the stator wires and the male to the black regulator wires, if concerned about water, use my back tape method, over the whole thing then a sandwich wrap with silicone over that, shouldn't be more than $3 , unless you need to buy silicone. And superior electrically to OEM, if you want to know why**ask.

FYI , the connections are 3 phase and random order, so don't worry what went were.

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