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On my 7,800 km trip last Summer I rode with a buddy and his Honda NC750x. It was a pain at every fuel stop for him to have to adjust and move all his pillion stored gear in order to access his fuel filler. He loves the fuel economy and the way it makes power just fine around town. But, as for power, when you want/need to go - it ain't there. If the group is punching it on the ramp to hit the highway the Honda falls behind. Also, on the awesome 80 MPH highways out in Wyoming and South Dakota, the slightest headwind made the Honda just run out of steam. Full throttle and he could not keep up with my Versys while I cruised comfortably at 85/90 miles. That low-rev engine just has no top end.

I think the Honda is a good bike, but it has limitations that are not there on other bikes, like the Versys. So why?

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