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I checked the grounds. Disconnected the ground under the saddle, sprayed contact cleaner there, reconnected. Both battery terminals were less snug than I'd like, so I tightened those. Loosened the ground on the engine, sprayed it with contact cleaner, retightened.

Then I unplugged that burned connector between the stator and regulator, sprayed contact cleaner in there, blew it dry, reconnected...

And now the headlight works whenever I start the bike. Well, I've tested it about five times and the headlight functioned each time.

So maybe that burned plug caused a loose connection between the stator and regulator that caused the headlight to malfunction. I guess I need to replace that plug.

Edit: I waited 10 minutes, started it again, and nope. The headlight does not turn on.

Re-edit: A few minutes later I tried again and the light didn't work. I gently bent the connector between the alternator and regulator and, voila, the lights came on. So that's it -- the burned-out stator-side connector causes a bad connection, resulting in a loss of current to the relay. And I had thought the culprit was the relay.

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